About Welkup

Welkup is a game development and web design company co-founded by Sky Welke and Matt Soukup in New Ulm, Minnesota. This website showcases our current projects and provides an outlet for expressing our ideas.


To entertain and inspire through user experience


In 1999, two best friends from New Ulm, Minnesota set out to fulfill their life-long dreams of becoming video game developers. Up until that point, they had predominantly exercised crayons, duct tape, and cardboard as creative outlets – whatever it took to bring their dreams closer to reality. Ten years of perserverence later, their dreams had become the reality.

Sky Welke

Senior Designer
Astrological Sign
♒ Aquarius
The Arts, Humanitarian Causes, Travel, The Truth

Matt Soukup

Senior Developer
Astrological Sign
♈ Aries
Web Development, Magic: the Gathering, Guitar, Liberty, Exposing the Truth