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Comcast Infiltration

Posted by Matt Soukup at 09:49 PM MST on 2012-01-19

The other night I got a knock on my door. It was the Comcast guy, explaining that he was doing working on the apartment and was wondering if I was experiencing any problems. What a guy! I assured him that all systems were performing as expected. As I went to shut the door, he started asking some questions.

First, he asked what I use the Internet for. I was aghast. "Do you do a lot of downloading? or just basic stuff like email?" Do I do a lot of downloading? Considering the nature of the Internet, Yes, I do. I'm not exactly sure what he was getting at here. Besides, can't he monitor that kind of thing being that HE WORKS FOR COMCAST?

Second, he asked me "What about TV?" After recovering from a spontaneous d stroke, I pieced together the words to explain that I did not have TV. I guess he was mining for whether I had satellite TV because to my knowledge Comcast is the sole cable provider of the building and he would know whether I had TV. He marked something down on his sheet of paper.

I guess he may be just trying to survey the usage of the building or something, but he was inches away from coming off as a solicitor. Don't they have this data already sitting in a database?

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#corporatocracy, #privacy

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