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Oh, Snap! A Taste of Things to Come...

Posted by Matt Soukup at 05:16 AM MST on 2012-06-16

Now that I'm living with my brother, himself a weight-lifting aficionado, I decided to start my weight training regimen. He's a former Snap fitness member, so after he re-enrolled, I jumped on (over?) board. My experience so far has me a little bizarro'd. If the experience doesn't already reflect what our society has become, it undoubtedly shows us where it's headed.


Fees. Fees. Fees. There is a $50 enrollment fee. I had to wonder if Snap was paying someone to keep manual, written records, but according to the rep, Snap is paying some licensing fee on their enrollment system software. That sounds extremely sketchy to me. I can't quite comprehend why Snap couldn't just create their own system to avoid licensing costs. I mean, it's putting people into a database... we're not sending anyone to the moon. Seems like a straightforward way to cut costs. Next was a $20 entrance card fee...

RFID Entrance Card

RFID. Boy, do we have it good in the 21st century! I was getting SO TIRED of swiping cards through a reader. Not to mention, it was seriously cramping my style. Now that it's all wireless, one only needs to hold it up to the reader. I don't even need to take it out of my wallet! Plus, it makes a COOL BEEPING NOISE and turns a light GREEN! WHY CAN'T WE USE RFID EVERYWHERE!!!!???

I'm relieved to hear that credit card companies are bringing RFID to our payment system. I'm pretty sure Japan has had this stuff for awhile now. It's about time guys... I wasn't comfortable living in a technologically neolithic society. (Anyone concerned about the security is just a conspiracy theorist that needs to undergo some mental rehabilitation. A glass of instant smile is equally effective.)

No Drinking Fountain

A workout facility without a drinking fountain. Whatever it takes to cut costs, I guess (I feel for you treadmill'ers). In the event that you forget to bring your own refreshment, you have two options: stick your face under the bathroom sink faucet or buy from their vending machine. That's the same machine with the giant, tantalizing sticker telling me to ENJOY A REFRESHING DASANI. MMMMM MMMMMM. I love paying over a dollar for a bottle of reverse osmosis water, especially when I can pay for it with my RFID card!



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