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The Media's Siege Against Ron Paul

Posted by Matt Soukup at 11:32 AM MST on 2011-12-10

The mainstream media ignores Ron Paul. It is consistent, predictable, and provable. From news articles, to debates, to TV, Paul is not given adequate coverage or air time. The word around the street is that Ron Paul is "nuts." The talking heads describe him as "unelectable."

The media loves its buzz words. From "birthers" to "flip-flopping" to "conspiracy theorists", the media spouts meticulously crafted phrases carrying heavy connotations meant to form your opinions for you. This spreads ideas at a subconscious level where we are most vulnerable.

The whole use of this word "unelectable" astounds me. They are basically saying that we should not pay attention to this man and his "crazy" ideas because there's no chance that he'll win. To reiterate, don't vote for something unless it's popular. You wouldn't want to waste your vote. In fact, don't vote at all. Your one vote isn't going to make a difference. It's ludicrous.

After the Ames Straw Poll in August, where Paul finished a close second to native Iowan and Country music enthusiast, Michelle Bachmann, Jon Stewart and the Daily Show released this testament to the world. This is one of the most important videos of our time. The truth is that the media ignores Ron Paul and downplays all of his victories. Ron Paul has won many straw polls, including California, South Carolina, and Ohio.

News should be reported in an unbiased fashion, presenting facts. Any aspiring writer/broadcaster needs to wake up to the reality that the MSM is dangerously censored and biased in an effort to form your opinion for you. Look at any article about the GOP presidential race, and you'll find little to no mention of Ron Paul. Scroll down to the comments, and you'll see the outrage. This is of course beginning to change, as Paul asserts his front-runner status and can no longer be so easily ignored.

The other day I saw an article titled Paul strength may help Romney in Iowa. I thought to myself, finally, the media is coming around. Then I read it. The article repeatedly reinforces the idea that he can't win and goes on to describe Ron Paul's speech as "rambling." Funny, I don't see the same kind of damning coverage against other candidates. For example, I saw nothing on how Gingrich is a smug elitist that told the Occupy protesters to go get a job and "take a bath" or how we should trust the average US citizen more than him, a Washington bureaucrat.

Let's all wake up, look at what matters, and reward consistency in politics. Vote Ron Paul.

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Ron Paul 2012!
Posted by Drew on 2011-12-14 at 05:16 PM MST

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